ⓘ Truth Hurts


ⓘ Truth Hurts

  • The Truth Hurts, a 1993 skateboard film from Thrasher magazine
  • "Truth Hurts", a 2006 episode of McLeods Daughters
  • "The Truth Hurts" Kim Possible, a Kim Possible episode

1. Music

  • Truth Hurts singer born 1971, American R&B singer


  • The Truth Hurts, a 2000 album by Ed O.G.
  • The Truth Hurts album, a 1994 album by Pro-Pain


  • "Truth Hurts", a 2001 single by Thirteen:13
  • "Truth Hurts" song, 2017 single by Lizzo that gained popularity in 2019
  • "Truth Hurts", a song by Usher from his 2004 album Confessions
  • "Truth Hurts", a song by Deep Purple from their 1990 album Slaves and Masters

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